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Questions you probably could have Googled

Any other colors available?

No. We're channeling our inner Steve Jobs here. He wore one shirt, we sell one shirt. Color options are for the indecisive. Embrace the monotony.

Are the shirts compatible with my IDE?

Yes, they're fully compatible. Just like your IDE, they'll highlight syntax errors, except ours are in fabric form. Wear them and watch as your code magically becomes bug-free. (Note: actual bug-free code not guaranteed.)

Is there a dark mode option for the shirts?

Didn't I already answer this?. Anyways, it's the only mode we offer. Perfect for blending into the shadows while you debug at 3 AM.

Are the shirts backward compatible?

Sure, they work just like your favorite old-school console games. Feel free to wear them while you're coding in COBOL or playing Tetris on your graphing calculator, nerd.

Do you offer cloud storage for my shirts?

No, we don't offer cloud storage for shirts. That's about as realistic as your dream of a bug-free codebase on the first deploy. FFS...

Are you a real store?

As real as the tech debt accumulated from that 'temporary' workaround you put in three years ago. We're the embodiment of all those quick fixes and 'will refactor later' promises. Just like your ever-growing pile of TODOs, we're very much a reality.

Unsolicited Praise from Our Satisfied(?) Customers

"Oh you are just an IT comedian aren't ya" - Eric van Johnson - Mic Hogger, PHPUgly

"Is this your site?" - Terry Slack - ReactJS Expert

"oooooh what a shop" - Jig Marababol - Expert Developer, Cat lover.